Dispatches from the TV Archive Team

Wayback Machine captures Melania Trump’s deleted internet bio

Melania Trump’s personal website is now gone from the internet — but is preserved by the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine — after a Huffington Post reporter and other news outlets began questioning elements of the would-be First Lady’s biography. Yesterday Christina Wilkie, a national political reporter for the Huffington Post, published a story noting that Melania Trump’s elaborate website,, which existed as recently […]

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“Kids are watching us”: Michelle Obama’s speech echoes Clinton campaign ad

Amidst news reports that Michelle Obama gave one of the best received speeches at the Democratic National Convention last night, here’s another observation: she was also absolutely, utterly, masterfully on message. Obama’s speech echoed themes in a 30-second political ad released in mid-July by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, titled “Role Models.” In the ad, scenes of children seriously and quietly watching Donald […]

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Will Bernie follow in the Gipper’s footsteps?

When Bernie Sanders takes the podium tonight at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, he will face a tough challenge. How can he rally the enthusiasm of his supporters for the Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, especially in the face of the news that broke over the weekend that the Democratic establishment had discussed how to thwart his efforts during the hard fought […]

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