Dispatches from the TV Archive Team

The day after: TV News coverage of Melania Trump’s controversial speech

When the news broke that whole phrases in Melania Trump’s speech before the Republican National Convention were identical or nearly so to Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech, it was big TV news. Liberal leaning MSNBC talked about it the most, though not by much. This search of the TV News Archive indicates 15 of the network’s shows used word variants of […]

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Is it 1968? Not really — but past convention video clips show controversy

Research by Robin Chin Is it 1968? Many pundits have been asking this question in recent days, in the lead up to what is expected to be a contentious–and some worry about violent–GOP convention in Cleveland, where Donald Trump is expected to accept the GOP nomination. A spate of mass gun killings, the death of two African American men in […]

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New Rita Allen Foundation grant fuels political ad tracking through Election Day

As the Democrats and Republicans convene at their national party conventions in coming weeks, the general election kicks into full swing. Thanks to generous support from the Rita Allen Foundation, we are delighted to announce that the Political TV Ad Archive, a project of the Internet Archive, will be ramping up to track political ads airing in eight key battleground […]

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