Dispatches from the TV Archive Team

Toledo Museum of Art exhibit shows how political ads manipulate emotions

Fear. Anger. Pride. Hope. Starting on July 14 at the Toledo Museum of Art, visitors to the exhibit, “I Approve this Message: Decoding Political Ads,” will be able to see how political ads press these emotional buttons through imagery, music, and other techniques. Co-created by Harriet Balkind, executive director of Honest Ads, who started her career in advertising, the 7,000 square foot […]

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Police, criminal justice, guns already features of 2016 political ads

Police, criminal justice and guns were focal points of 2016 political ads long before last week’s tragic events, which left two African American men dead after being shot by police, as well as five policemen killed by a sniper at a protest in Dallas. The recent deaths have raised all of these issues, as gun ownership has been woven into the issues […]

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Zero paid ads for Trump, but plenty of TV news mentions

Donald Trump may not be airing any paid political ads, but he’s having no problem keeping up — and even staying ahead — of Hillary Clinton when it comes to earned media, according to the candidate name tracker that is fueled by TV News Archive data. This week analysis by the Center for Public Integrity revealed that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has aired 20,000 paid TV […]

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