Dispatches from the TV Archive Team

Radio, satellite, cable stations start reporting political ad buys

Who is behind those political ads on your local radio, satellite, and cable stations? Starting today, the public has more information on who is buying political ads in this contentious election year, in which estimates are that ad spending will be in the billions. Today marks the first day that major radio, satellite, and cable stations must upload information about political ads […]

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Is this Club for Growth ad targeting Boustany and Richmond an issue ad?

This week the Club for Growth posted a new ad criticizing Louisiana congressmen Charles Boustany and Cedric Richmond for supporting the federal export-import bank, urging viewers to call the two congressmen and “tell them to stop supporting corporate welfare.” The ad does not explicitly call for the viewer to oppose Boustany, a Republican running for the Senate, or Richmond, a Democrat […]

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Senate Democrats battle on Bay Area Spanish language stations

If you live in the Bay Area, you wouldn’t know that two Democratic Senate candidates are running political TV ads–unless you’re watching Spanish-language cable stations. In the run up to the California primaries on June 7, both California Attorney General Kamala Harris, and Loretta Sanchez, a state representative, will gain places on the November ballot if they are the top […]

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